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100% Practitioner-lead, 100% Independent - all without agenda

To get the most out of your Integrated Product Support strategy it is critical that you receive the best and appropriate advice and guidance. The same goes for training. We work with our network to deliver the best independent “warts ‘n’ all” training.  

Not only is it important to understand the requirements of standards and specifications, it is important to understand the role of technology and how it will affect your IPS implementation. 

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Our upcoming training courses and live events.

Below are our planned online courses for early 2021. Booking can be made by contacting us at TDW. All courses are delivered with daily live sessions online. Premium TDWPlus members may join these courses as part of their annual subscription, you must however still book your space so we are aware that you are joining us.

Our events are also delivered online, TDWPlus members are able to join TDW-Live as part of your annual subscription onlline.

Structuring Structure with MindManager

Using affordable Commercial off the shelf software to define our S1000D requirements! 

Webinar - Tues 19 Jan

Understanding XML & S1000D

Our global leading, 100% neutral and independent training course for those needing to understand S1000D principles, building blocks and how S1000D works, is adopted and implemented.

8-12 March

Innovation in IPS

This 100% free online seminar brought to you by the TDW network – Innovation in Integrated Product Support – Connecting the dots.

Understanding S2000M

An introduction to S2000M, where it sits in the scheme of S-Series specifications, data flows in and out and how to tailor the specification for your project needs.

19-21 April


The annual Independent Integrated Product Support Practitioners event. Physical event is hosted in Congresbry (Bristol, UK). Also streamed online to TDWPlus members.

16, 17 & 18 November